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Lizzy Cruz is an up and coming Peruvian-American artist currently residing in Nashville. Her unique style of singer-songwriter pop reflects the many cultural influences in her life from her young childhood in Lima, Peru to growing up in Kansas City, and finally coming into her own as an artist in Nashville. She collaborates regularly with many producers including Braden the Young and Austin Atwood, with whom she released song called "Honeypie" in February, 2021. She most recently released an EP called 

"Where Do I Go From Here," which highlights the inner dialogue through the evolution of a relationship.

Moving to the US at a young age, Cruz was encouraged to follow her passion of music. At 4 years old, she began singing at church with her parents. She talks about becoming a performing artist as a teenager:


“I began writing songs at 14, around the same time my dad bought a guitar...which I then stole and took as my own. I fell in love with performing because I loved watching people's reaction to the song and the lyric especially.”


Lizzy pulls inspiration from many artists from early Shakira to Maggie Rogers. Ultimately she hopes people can resonate with the emotion of her music and that it makes them want to dance and express their true selves.

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